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The First Offender Initiative Program Illinois is an opportunity for individuals who have made a mistake to make it right. It provides the chance for those charged with their first crime to turn things around. With the help of the skilled legal team at Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC, a first time offender can still have a bright future. We provide the advocacy, compassion and guidance to navigate the system and take advantage of this one time opportunity. We also bring to the table the understanding that many times, acting out or poor choices is the result of family dynamics and taking a holistic approach to the family can reverse the path someone has chosen.

Guidelines for First-Offender Initiative Program in Illinois

A person is generally not eligible for a first offender program if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The applicant faces a sex offense charge.
  • The applicant had a prior felony arrest.
  • The applicant is an active gang member.
  • The applicant is charged with committing a crime against an elderly victim.
  • The applicant is charged with drug or alcohol charges.
  • The applicant is charged with identity theft.
  • The applicant is charged with a traffic offense.
  • The applicant is charged with using a weapon.
  • The applicant is currently on probation.

Each situation is unique, and each county has different options available. Contact us today to discuss your case and if you may be eligible for the first offender program in Illinois.

Going Through the Program

There are several steps that may be followed during a first offender program. These can include the following:

  • Referral - A referral will be made to the court that an individual must attend a first offender program.
  • Intake - A coordinator will explain the program and requirements to the person.
  • Presentation to Community Panel - At the conclusion of an intake interview, a coordinator will schedule a date for the individual to appear before the First Offender Community Panel. This panel will then make a recommendation to the Illinois State's Attorney's Office about the individual's acceptance for the first offender program.
  • Presentation to Illinois State's Attorney - The State's Attorney's Office will then approve or reject the individual.
  • Acceptance - If a person is accepted into the first offender program, he or she must sign an agreement regarding completion of the program. If the individual is not accepted into the program, they will be notified by the coordinator.

Participation in the Program

Those who are accepted into a first offender program might be required to complete community service hours, obtain a high school diploma or G.E.D., participate in counseling, pay restitution to the victim, pay fees to the first offender program, and/or write a letter of apology to the victim.

Once the first offender program is completed successfully, the Illinois State's Attorney's Office will dismiss the charges pending against the person. In the event that the individual fails to complete all of the requirements of the first offender program, the applicant's participation in the program will be terminated and the case will return to court.

At Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC, we go above and beyond merely representing a client in court, and we help provide additional resources in order to ensure their continued future success.

School-Related Issues

In addition to advocating for first offenders, the legal team at Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC understands that oftentimes family crisis or divorce can be the catalyst to juveniles making poor choices at home and at school.

Truancy, involvement in fights, bullying, and drug and alcohol use can result in school punishments such as suspensions and detentions. In addition, some of these choices can result in criminal charges. Attorney Rachel Hernandez will work with the family to solve not only the symptoms but the issues at the core of the behavior. She partners with numerous specialists who can help right a family in crisis.

Contact a Kane County Criminal Attorney

A large number of first offenders realize that they have made a mistake, are willing to accept the consequences of their behavior, and proceed along a better path. Having an attorney advocate, such as Rachel Hernandez, who knows how to demonstrate a client's appropriateness for a second chance can greatly increase the likelihood of first offender program acceptance.

As a lawyer who worked as an Assistant State's Attorney for many years, Rachel understands how to best help candidates position themselves for successful negotiations with a prosecutor. From start to finish, our legal team remains dedicated to our clients. Call Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC at 630-888-0017 or contact us online. We serve clients in the Kane County area and throughout the surrounding communities.

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