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One of the primary concerns that parents have during a divorce is how the event will impact the lives of their children. Although some children of divorce can cope well, many factors can increase the difficulties that a child might face when dealing with the situation. Children tend to have an easier time with divorce when parents are able to work together in order to co-parent their children going forward. The skilled legal counsel at Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC can provide beneficial solutions to minimize the effect that divorce has on a family and to promote working together going forward.

Allocating Parental Responsibilities

When deciding the allocation of parental responsibilities (previously known as child custody), Illinois courts implement the best interests of the child as a standard. Whenever possible, our law firm makes sure that children maintain strong bonds with both parties and promotes a positive co-parenting atmosphere. If you are contemplating divorce and have concerns about decision-making responsibilities for your child or desire modification of an existing custody agreement, we can help. Our team provides the legal experience and compassion necessary to handle the most sensitive family law matters.

Child Support Changes in Illinois

A new set of laws that took effect in July 2017 changed the way child support is calculated in the State of Illinois. The courts have moved to an "income sharing" model instead of using a fixed percentage of a nonresidential parent's income to determine the amount of child support owed. The courts will determine how much money would be spent on the children if there was no split between the parents. Once that amount has been determined, factors such as the educational needs of the child, financial needs of the primary residential parent, and the type of employment maintained by each parent will be analyzed and factored into the support agreements.

Our legal team is committed to informing clients of the changes and keeping up with matters involving family law. We assist clients who already have established child support agreements as well as divorcing couples facing the new regulations.

Child Relocation or Removal

Illinois law regarding the relocation of a child has also changed in the last few years. The distance of a parent's proposed move from the child's current primary residence determines whether the move legally qualifies as relocation. If a child resides in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, or Will Counties, moving more than 25 miles away is considered relocation. If the child resides in any other county in Illinois, the child must be moved greater than 50 miles away for it to be considered relocation. If a move does not exceed these relocation mileage requirements, then the moving party is not required to obtain consent from the other parent or permission from the court.

Relocation matters can be difficult, but if parents work together with the guidance of a mediation attorney, the negative impact on the children involved can be lessened. Our law firm can assist you with your relocation concerns in Illinois and out-of-state.

Parentage in Illinois

Disputes have been known to arise when a parent desires to establish paternity of a child either to establish support payments or in order to set out parental responsibilities and/or parenting time. Our legal counsel understands the importance of these issues as well as the various laws concerning parentage.

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If you need help with matters relating to parental responsibilities, parenting time, or child support, do not hesitate to contact us for compassionate and understanding legal assistance. Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC is dedicated to assisting individuals with a variety of divorce and family related legal issues. Call our St. Charles, Illinois, office at 630-888-0017 today.

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