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There are many ways to solve most problems, including issues arising in the context of Dissolution of Marriage and other family-related legal issues. Attorney Rachel Hernandez has received advanced training in interest-based negotiation through the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals in order to offer clients the alternative dispute resolution option of the Collaborative Process. While the traditional courtroom model, wherein a judge decides the outcome, may be appropriate in some situations, Rachel has observed that, "win" or "lose," most people leave litigation dissatisfied with the overall process. Other paths for resolving disputes out of court, with appropriate professional support, can have the effect of preserving familial relationships, which is particularly important for future co-parenting.

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) has found that there is a high success rate when divorcing parties choose to use the collaborative process, with nearly 90 percent of cases reporting positive outcomes by using the collaborative method.

At Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC, we use our over ten years of experience to help individuals and families work collaboratively through the divorce process. Attorney Rachel Hernandez applies her compassion and negotiation experience to pursue peaceful and positive resolutions that, through the assistance of other professionals, create workable agreements within restructured familial relationships.

The Collaborative Divorce Process

The collaborative divorce process is a method that promotes mutual and joint problem solving between spouses. By approaching the matter in a benevolent way, couples are often able to avoid litigation and reach an agreement by developing a new relationship with an ex-spouse. During the divorce process, the two spouses agree to several guiding rules of the collaborative process by signing an agreement that includes various terms and requirements. The result of the collaborative process is that spouses are allowed to obtain more detailed information, appropriate guidance from other experts, and proceed through the divorce process in a more transparent manner.

Benefits of the Collaborative Process

There are several benefits to using the collaborative divorce process:

  • Compliance is more likely. Because collaborative divorces typically involve spouses who, despite their desire to dissolve their marriage, seek to be on positive terms, the divorce is more likely to be resolved in a positive manner.
  • More freedom. Spouses who use the collaborative divorce process are allowed to consult with financial, mental health, and parenting experts.
  • The process is cost effective. The collaborative divorce process is generally more cost efficient than other types of divorce processes.
  • The process is less time-consuming. Collaborative divorces take each party's schedule into consideration and usually takes less time than other types of divorces.
  • The process is more confidential. Meetings during the collaborative divorce process are much more confidential and personal than divorce processes that occur in courts. Parties can be open about the issues and address them without fear that they will be made part of a public record.

The Collaborative Process is Not for Everyone

While most people would like to resolve their legal disputes without the need for judicial intervention, there are important factors to consider with respect to the collaborative divorce process:

  • New attorneys - Many collaborative divorce agreements require that both spouses hire new attorneys in the event that the collaborative process is not successful. If one party is not open to the process, it could be costly.
  • Trust - The collaborative divorce process requires that both spouses trust one another to communicate about all matters regarding the divorce in an honest manner.

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Recognizing the strong need for a healthy alternative to litigating family law disputes in Kane County and the surrounding area, the attorneys at Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC are dedicated to making sure that their clients' collaborative divorce cases are resolved in the best possible manner. While many other family law attorneys push for litigation in divorce cases, our attorneys believe that this approach only places a temporary bandage on wounds caused by the dissolution of a marriage. Contact Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC online today or call 630-888-0017 to schedule an initial consultation.

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