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Geneva IL Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Geneva IL uncontested divorce lawyer

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After a separation, the ideal situation involves spouses agreeing to part ways amicably and proceeding in an uncontested divorce. It is essential that individuals who choose this route are confident that the main elements of the divorce process including the allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time (child custody), child support, the division of assets, and potential spousal support are capable of being peacefully resolved.

While uncontested divorces almost always involve amicable spouses, you should still likely retain the services of professional legal counsel to ensure that your concerns are fully addressed. At Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC, we utilize over a decade of experience resolving legal disputes to assist Kane County and surrounding area clients with uncontested divorces, collaborative divorces, mediation, and all other family law matters.

Settlement Agreements and Parenting Plans

After a couple decides to pursue an amicable, uncontested divorce, an attorney can help prepare a marital settlement agreement and an allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time (parenting plan). These agreements set out a number of issues related to a couple's divorce. Some of the matters that can be solved in marital agreements and parenting plans include how marital property (including assets and debts) will be divided, the amount and duration of any spousal support (maintenance and child support), and specifics regarding the allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody) and parenting time (visitation). Once a couple generally agrees on these matters, a lawyer can then draft and submit these documents to the court. Provided that the judge finds no difficulties in a couple's marital agreement or parenting plan, then the divorce process will be completed.

Reasons to Select an Uncontested Illinois Divorce

There are several benefits in selecting an uncontested divorce, which include the following:

  • Control - Spouses are allowed greater control over divorce agreements during uncontested divorces.
  • Cost - Uncontested divorces are more affordable than those involving contested issues that require judicial determination.
  • Privacy - Spouses are allowed to maintain greater privacy during divorces.
  • Speed - Uncontested divorces are frequently quicker than more traditional contested divorces.

If you are capable of reaching a full agreement with your spouse concerning all divorce related matters, you desire to save money, and you want to have the maximum amount of control over your future, then an uncontested divorce may be an appropriate option for you.

There are numerous signs, however, that an uncontested divorce might not be the best approach for the dissolution of a marriage. If a couple has a history of domestic abuse, agree about very few things related to the divorce, do not have transparency regarding financial matters, or if one spouse has been behaving in a manipulative manner, then an uncontested divorce is likely not a good option.

Couples should note that as of January 1, 2016, there are no longer grounds for divorce in Illinois. If former spouses do not agree to a divorce, the two individuals must proceed with a six month separation period prior to a divorce.

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For over ten years, attorney Rachel Hernandez has been dedicated to helping individuals involved in a variety of family-related legal matters including uncontested divorce. Whenever possible, Rachel and her team strive to assist clients in preserving familial relationships while also ensuring their rights are protected. An uncontested divorce is one option for clients seeking a peaceful resolution. Hernandez Hoag Legal Solutions, LLC understands the applicable Illinois law concerning divorce and is always available to help clients who require balanced legal assistance. Call our St. Charles office at 630-888-0017 or contact us online.

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